Octagon Wealth Management’s name derives from eight primary services that make up our holistic approach to serving our clients. By assessing and coordinating all facets of your financial life, we’re able to develop a deep understanding of your needs and goals, craft personalized strategies for you, and adjust them as your needs evolve.

Since the firm’s founding in 2001, Octagon Wealth Management’s business has grown almost exclusively through referrals. To us, the most meaningful measure of our work is our clients’ willingness to recommend us to their family, friends, colleagues, and business associates.


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Our team reviews all of your investments and financial data as part of building a long-term asset allocation strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance and time horizon, maximizes tax efficiencies, and gives you a clear picture of how you’ll progress toward your goals. We continually monitor your investments, rebalancing your portfolio as needed, and collaborate with your CPA and attorney to ensure that our recommendations take your entire financial picture into account.

Our comprehensive strategies for preserving your wealth and building a portfolio of assets to last through retirement are designed to help you pursue today’s goals and plan for the tomorrow you envision. In addition to accumulating capital for your future financial independence, we strategize with you on ways to safeguard your family and income during your working years; structure large purchases such as a home or business; plan for significant expenses like college tuition; and coordinate your employee benefits, including 401(k) plans, corporate stock options and deferred compensation.

Whether you’re nearing retirement or have decades to go, we’ll help you calculate how much to save and invest to support your cash flow needs when you transition out of full-time work. Using sophisticated financial software, we regularly run projections that show whether you’re on track to meet your retirement goals such as traveling or starting a small business

A crucial aspect of sound financial planning is having the right amount of life, disability and long-term care insurance in place to protect your family in the event of premature death or a debilitating injury or illness. We offer a number of insurance options and can review your current policies to see whether you might benefit from a change.

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to have a succession plan in place long before you’ll implement it. Whether you want to evaluate a potential business sale or pass ownership to the next generation of your family, we’ll use our years of succession planning experience to walk you through the questions to ask, possibilities to consider, and the financial implications of your options.

You’ve worked hard to earn what you have, and it takes expert planning to make sure you leave the legacy you envision. If you haven’t already consulted an attorney to create an estate plan, we can provide the tools and advice you need to get started. Going forward, we’ll partner with your attorney and tax advisor to recommend tax-effective ways of transferring wealth to your heirs and charitable organizations according to your wishes.

If giving to nonprofit organizations is one of your priorities, we have particular expertise in this area. One of our passions is helping clients craft charitable giving strategies that maximize their tax advantages and offer the greatest financial benefit to the recipient charity

After you retire, what’s your next act? Many people transition into second careers or volunteer positions that use their skills and passions in new ways. We can help you explore your interests and how they might fit with a new role, whether it’s using your leadership experience to serve on a nonprofit board or honing a talent you’d like to maximize once you have more time. We want to help you create a retirement that’s productive and fulfilling.

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